Confusing Directions in U4L3, 5c

I spent about a half hour trying to complete this level and finally figured out why nothing was working for me. The directions for step 2 of Unit 4, Lesson 3, level 5c say to:
Calculate the result of GROWTH_RATE raised to the power of numYears multiplied by startPower.

To me this sounds like g^(n * s), but what the coder should actually do is s * g^n.

It would be far better to say “Calculate GROWTH_RATE raised to the power of numYears, then multiply that result by startPower.”

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Hi @matt_s_mclaughlin! Thank you for including this in the forum. I would have to agree that the way you worded the directions makes the formula needed more clear. I know the curriculum team is receptive to improvements like this and one of the more direct channels for this is on the right hand side of the lesson there is a button titled “Rate this Lesson”. I will add your suggestion there and I encourage you and others to do the same. When a requested change becomes popular it tends to gain more traction.


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