Unit 4 Lesson 7 - value for rate and time in Population Growth option?

It might be helpful to specify the values you want students to use for growth rate and time in the Instructions. Is growth rate a percentage, such as 10% (represented as a decimal .10)? I’m guessing time is in years, yes? How many years do you want students to use - 5? Other? Thanks, jr

@jranta - Hi John. I am looking in Unit 4 Lesson 7. These are the exercises that I see.

I don’t see one that uses growth rate or time. Can you post a link to the problem you have a question on? Thank you!

You’re looking in Unit 3 Lesson 7. Try Unit 4 Lesson 7. jr

Hi John, I found the level you are referring to in the lessonU4L7 on level 5 choice c. I agree that the instructions could have more detail about what the growth rate is and what unit time should be in. You can let the curriculum development team know your feedback by clicking the rate this lesson button on the unit overview page, or emailing support@code.org with the specific lesson and level info.
Thanks for posting on the forum, it is helpful for other teachers who are prepping for their classes to hear about your experiences :slight_smile:

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Thanks Lindsay. John (@jranta) thanks for the clarification. One of my sections was set to Unit 3, and I did not realize it. If you have not done so, please send your suggestions for this and any other suggestions to support@code,org.

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