Lesson Pacing For Levels (Unit 3)

We just finished Lesson 9 in Unit 3 and my students are going through the levels pretty quickly, but accurately. Anyone have suggestions for ways to supplement what they’re learning? The lessons have been taking about 30 minutes lately, but we have an hour for class. I had the thought that we were rushing through too much, but the majority of the students have been doing well on the activities and then we have too much “free” time at the end. Not sure what I’m doing wrong.

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I’m sure there are other ideas, but I usually double up the lessons and if they finish one, I let them go on to the next. Pacing is always a hard thing to do because some students finish faster and others finish slower.

There are also free play levels that I don’t grade, but the kids who finish early can do those. I sometimes give them challenges like add petals to the flower or add a sky to the background (in the earlier levels).

Once you get a little further, you will probably find that some of the levels start taking a little longer if the kids do it right.

Another option is to use this document as a guideline to supplement what they are learning. If you think they finished early, you may want to see if they have really done all of the activities. The more practice they get, the better.

I think once you get to level 17 (interactive greeting card), and beyond, the lessons will take longer.

I am interested in other teachers’ ideas!


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I like the idea of doubling up the lessons until it gets longer, like you said. I’ll check out the document you sent too. Thanks!