Console log help

I have created an app that when I push a button it creates a console log noting date time and other information. I would like to create an event that compiles the log and saves it to an alternate location or sends it in an email.

Any ideas?


Are you doing this in App Lab? Before we can help, we need to know if this is for the Create Task of the CSP course.

In accordance with the College Board’s guidelines for AP CS Principles Exam, we limit the debugging assistance we provide from March through the submission deadline for the Create Task.

Please verify this project is not part of a student’s Create Task for AP CS Principles.

If not, I am tagging this with a CSP tag so some of those folks can chime in. I have a vague idea how I would approach it, but I’m guessing their experience would trump mine.


Hi Eric,

I am happy to think about this question, but agree with Mike that we need a little more clarity in the environment and the purpose. Tie the season if the AP exam!

Short answer: these features do not exist within the app lab toolbox.


This is not associated with any student or exam in anyway. It’s a tool that I want to develop for administration.

Greetings @eric.weisner,

In regards to your request depending on the platform your using…

In gamelab you have acess to the save function, in which you can save images or JSON depending on how you decide to use it which would more likely be the easier case of builtin stuff

As for applab… that’s a different beast you probably need to have some knowledge of html or risk the warning message to another site, which customizes http:// requests to a backend to update it which i don’t reccomend you do which is a work around for probable unintended behavior which i did get to work

Overall I’d recommend you use gamelab for this… or perhaps i read your question wrong… do you want it not stored as a local file?

I agree that if I were trying to save a message locally or share it elsewhere with date, time, etc I would build this out as a JSON!

Most of my experience has been with HTML with a mix of basic, python, and Javascript thrown in. Most all of it except HTML is in a teaching setting so some of the things that you all say I have to research.

The basic idea is there is a/are buttons on a screen that when clicked notes the exact time of the events. Once all events have occured I would like to export / print / console log them to a downloadable / printable file.

You could create a table, add the time to the table using createRecord. After the program is run, you could export the table to a csv file.

That’s exactly what I want

@eric.weisner, After some more research, I may have found an API request that may help…[YOUR_PROJECT_KEY]/[TABLE_NAME] for example, I have made a tiny demo project with an attachment link using this premise I’m not sure if this was what you were expecting but i hope this helps