Course F or Fundamentals Express for 6th Graders?

I was planning on having my sixth graders start on Course F (not all of them have coding experience), but now I’m considering that the Express Fundamentals course might be more engaging. Any thoughts/recommendations on which would be better?

I actually use courses C, D, & F with my middle school elective class. I start them out in C because they haven’t really had much exposure to coding. Once they are finished with that, they move on, but they skip the Ramp Up lessons and I have them start later in the course. Many of them have found it to be quite challenging and all but one stayed engaged (there’s always going to be one! ;))

I think it totally depends on how much time you have. I see my students 2-3 days a week for a semester. If I saw them less, the Express course might have been better. Hope this helps!

I agree with Erica that the Express Course and the sequence of C-D-E-F are both suitable options, depending on time. (I don’t think she deliberately left out Course E.)
I wouldn’t suggest starting with Course F unless you make sure everyone goes through the ramp up lessons.

You are correct…I didn’t mean to leave out Course E! I actually meant that I use courses D, E, & F. It was the end of the day…what can I say? :smile:

I am using the express course for my 7th graders. I also have them 2 to 3 days a week or about 10 days a month. I started with unit 1 of the computer discoveries, then went into the express course. after they finish I will jump back in unit 2. My students are at different reading levels and ability levels only about 3 of them had any experience in coding and I felt the express course which starts a lower level then graduates into a game design project was the best way to keep them engaged and challenged. So far so good. They are up to about lesson 20.