CPT question about 3d passing different arguments


Let’s say that we have the following function call resetScreen(height). If height is based on user input then do we trace the code all the way from the user input? For example, a text input box allows for feet and another one accepts inches. Then we have a concatenation to height. For the procedure, if the selection is if greater than 5 feet 5 inches then run this, else run that, I might need to include a lot of code other than the calls and the procedure. In other words, do you need to trace the code all the way from in user input to prove what the output would be or can you start from the passing of the argument. I hope this makes sense. I’m making up the code and scenario so there might be gaps in what I’m presenting :upside_down_face:

From the examples posted by college board, I think it is sufficient to start from the call.