Multiple calls to the procedure

My students are using the datasets to design apps. Their procedures include 2 or 3 parameters and new lists are created based on the user’s input / selection criteria. Would 2 separate selections qualify as 2 calls - even though the procedure is only being called in one spot in the program?

Hi @ikhan,

Keeping in mind I have no additional qualifications than you do for giving an authoritative answer, here is my interpretation of the scoring guide using my best attempt to understand the situation you’ve described…

It looks like the relevant scoring guide row is the last one, Row 6 (Testing)…

I don’t see anything that requires the code to call the procedure from different places in the program. It seems the student just needs to argue how two different calls can be made (as I interpret - possibly from the same spot in the program). The emphasis of that row seems to be that the code contains a procedure with parameters that is capable of running different lines of code based on the parameters, and that the program is capable of making that happen (not necessarily from different places in the code).

So again, this is only my interpretation.

Second, remember that if/when you find “the answer”, students are not allowed to receive feedback - telling students whether or not they earn the point is giving them feedback. However, I do believe the teacher is allowed to clarify rules to the class in general, using examples that are not student submissions. So you can help the class in general have a better understanding of the requirement as long as it’s not done in a way that’s basically telling these particular students whether they’re safe or should re-examine their code.

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