PT of CSP=filling the answers

my student is working on her PT and she is using multiple procedures, she asked me if she can write in row 4 and put a screenshot for one procedure, and in row 5 she will use another procedure? or it should be all her answers on the same procedure?

Hi, there. Rows 4 & 5 correspond to question 3c. Instructions read:

Capture and paste two program code segments you developed during
the administration of this task that contain a student-developed
procedure that implements an algorithm used in your program and a
call to that procedure.

i. The first program code segment must be a student-developed
procedure that:
Defines the procedure’s name and return type (if necessary)
Contains and uses one or more parameters that have an effect
on the functionality of the procedure
Implements an algorithm that includes sequencing, selection,
and iteration

ii. The second program code segment must show where your
student-developed procedure is being called in your program.

Then, provide a written response that does both of the following:
iii. Describes in general what the identified procedure does and how it
contributes to the overall functionality of the program

iv. Explains in detailed steps how the algorithm implemented in the
identified procedure works. Your explanation must be detailed
enough for someone else to recreate it.

Then, in the Scoring Guidelines for Row 5 it says : “Do NOT award the point if the description of the algorithm does not match the included program code.”

I personally think that if the student uses a different procedure, she won’t get the point for row 5.

The instructions insist that the procedure should be seeing in the screenshot, and that the algorithm should be part of the student developed code. The student can’t write about something that is not seeing in the screenshot, and she can only use one screenshot to show the procedure, and a second screenshot to show where the procedure is being called.

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