Create Task--Algorithm question

After looking at some submissions on the AP Digital Portfolio, I noticed that a few of my students displayed the code for a valid algorithm in response 2C, but did not include the code for the 2 child algorithms that were called within the parent algorithm. So, the code that was cut/pasted looked like:

function (parentAlgorithm) {




Obviously, I wanted my kids to show the code for the child1 and child2 functions. And yes, a grader could upload the entire code to look at what the 2 child algorithms were. However, would the student still earn credit on Row 6? (Let’s assume at least one of the included algorithms does use mathematical or logical concepts for this scenario).

When I did the CSP Reading two years ago, we were told to look through the code pdf if the code was not copied into the responses. It was okay for students to just box the parent algorithm. As long as it had calls to the children algorithms and we could find the children algorithms in the code file, it was good.

Thank you–I was hoping that was the case!