Typo on Level 26?

In the “for teachers only” section it says that “Oval B is around the swithPlayer function.” which looks like it should be "Oval C. Also regarding the explanation - I’m trying to figure out why answer “B” is not an acceptable answer since it does have one “child” (42-48) that includes mathematical and logical concepts.


Thank you for spotting those typos. They should be fixed as soon as possible.

The row 6 from the rubric requires 2 algorithms and 1 of them must have the math/logic. The point is not awarded if the code consists of solely library calls. I think that is why the first chunk, as written, cannot be counted as student developed which makes the 2nd chunk moot.

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I never have taught that students should include all functions called within the algorithm in the oval. So is this recommended? I do teach them to put the oval around the parent and just copy and paste the two child algorithms in include it below the parent. (but not in the oval)

I have scored the Create Task in the past and have found both options to be okay. It is easy on the reader to have all the code discussed in the responses to be copy and pasted into the doc as you are already asking the students to do.

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