CSP '22-23 Unit 6 - Algorithms 6.3--slides do NOT match student experience

Lesson 6.3 in the lesson plan and slide deck use a ticket raffle app but the students do not have the ticket generator in Lesson 3. Are they supposed to go back to Lesson 2? How would they or the teacher know that? I totally botched this lesson because I feel like the slide deck and lesson plan do NOT match what the students have in Lesson 3 of Code Studio.
Any help or suggestions are greatly appreciated.


I am so sorry to hear about your experience with this lesson. You are correct that there is not an explicit level in Lesson 3 that links to the Ticket Generator widget that they used in Lesson 2. In the lesson plans there is a small call out that mentions this, but it is easy to overlook:


I will mark this as a level that the curriculum team should revisit this Spring in order to make the experience easier and more seamless for you and your students.

Do you think that it would have been clearer if the Ticket Generator widget was duplicated as the first level in this lesson sequence?

Thanks for reaching out,
Curriculum Development Manager