AP Create Task Function Algorithm Management

I teach all of my AP CSP students to break larger problems into smaller peices (Functions).

With the new Create Task format, when my students submit a function which has parameters using loops, lists and conditionals, sometimes this longer algorithm starts off in one function but then calls a 2nd function; then the 2nd function calls the 3rd function to complete the algorithm with clarity and abstraction.

Does anyone know if it is acceptable with the new Create Task format to submit several 2-4 “baby” functions representing a longer algorithm using parameters, loops, lists and conditionals?

Thanks for reading

Well I’m not too sure about how that is managed but if they serve different purposes then I’d say it within warrant to have such functions, as you know they serve to not have to be typed again and should be scalable with given counterparts which can operate outside of the main function but are mainly used for such purposes those “baby functions” can be referred to as sub functions which serve a different purpose than just “assisting” the main one however if these functions are just being called because they want to split the line count would go against best practices. However you have stated that this is not the case, so long as your students can explain the flow of the program without issue there shouldn’t be an issue. Although if your doing beginner classes they may not have that skill-set yet of inherently being able to chunk out sub processes! so for them I’d advise against doing it since explaining such things may be beyond there current scope at the moment. though I hope this contributes a bit to the topic