Create Performance Task Question

I have a student that would like the answer to the following question.

Do “groups” in Gamelab count as a “list” for the performance task?

Thanks in advance for any advice you may be willing to offer.

If you mean the groups described in this documentation, I would ask them if they feel comfortable writing to it in the AP exam.

From that link:

Groups are collections of sprites with similar behavior. For example a group may contain all the sprites in the background or all the “enemy” sprites. Instead of maintaining the images, animations, and properties (such as position, movement, and collisions) on each individual sprite, you can manage them on the group. A sprite can be in multiple groups and deleting a group doesn’t affect the sprites themselves.

I can see where they see the connection, but this seems different enough to me that I’d be hesitant to use it. The lists on the Create task are for storing multiple strings or numbers under one umbrella, whereas the groups are a way to manage properties of multiple sprites at once.

I think depending on the specific context in which the student uses the group in their written response they might be able to get away with the argument, but there are more straightforward types of lists they could be using.

–Michael K.