Create PT - Question regarding AI

Hello all!
My student created a Hangman app for the Create PT. He needed a list of words and he couldn’t find one readily available. So he used Chat GPT to generate the list, then afterwards cleaned up the data. Upon trying to submit to the College Board there was an affidavit/attestation that he had to check saying that he did not use AI services in the creation of his app. Now we are all worried that he will not be able to submit to the College Board. Any thoughts? Or anyone know who I can talk to regarding this issue? Thanks!
Lizzy Quinanola from California :slight_smile:

@lizzy_quinanola My suggestion would be that he recreate the list of words without using AI. He should also document how he solved the issue.

Greetings @lizzy_quinanola,

While I agree with @terence.stone25 , I’d like to argue that the student could technically get a bunch of suggested words and have them make there own list out of those words they like rather than just asking for a whole list, that way it is technically made “by them”. though I am unsure of how this would hold up especially if the student isn’t supposed to get help for this assignment. I don’t know the full details but I hope this helps!

Best, Varrience

Interesting dilemma. I suspect the question isn’t looking to catch your student, but rather someone who asked for a complete program. However, I am going to say you really need to say no.

So use this list instead. Hangman/words.txt at master · Xethron/Hangman · GitHub