Create PT timeline

Does anyone have a timeline they’ve created to help their students break the Create PT down into smaller tasks for the 12 days?

The survival Guide has an hourly breakdown that can be used as a starting point for individualized tasks.

Thank you - I had looked earlier but must not have seen all of the pages - Thanks, Tina

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Can you share what the “survival guide” is or how to see it. New teacher here

The Survival Guide can be found on U8L2 Make a Plan.
From the Lesson Overview:
This lesson uses the Create PT Survival Guide as the backbone for a series of activities to ramp up to doing the actual Create PT. It contains activities to help students understand the requirements of the task, as well as activities to help them narrow down and brainstorm ideas for their actual project.
It’s the outline I use each year to help my students complete the Create PT.

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Unit 8 is a small 3 day unit called Create PT Prep. It is very helpful. You can find the Survival Guide on day 2 of this unit. Tina