Creating a mid term assessment for CS Principles


I am using CS Principles as an introductory course (not as an AP course this year) and I need to create a mid term project (to be administered the 3rd week of January 2018). I anticipate having completed Unit 1 - Ch 1, Unit 2 - Ch 1 & Ch 2 (lessons 7-10) all of Unit 4. My assessment can be project based. I am inclined to create a project based (authentic) assessment. Any ideas or suggestions would be greatly appreciated!


Based on those chapters, what about doing a modified AP Explore assignment? I feel like you have covered the topics that are relevant. You could modify by asking for more/less info (for instance–the data question could be more like the Unit2 Ch1 PT) or by letting them use older sources.

It might be a little tricky if they are going to take the AP Exam next year since their Explore topic is meant to be something they haven’t already done/been graded on (but I think it’s still workable, just requiring of extra record-keeping).