Creating a project as a test

I want to give my students text that they need to do “everything” to make it into a webpage. For example, I want to paste the text into a new index.html, and have them do all the formatting and CSS based on the parameters I set.

Is this possible?

Hi sfredericks,
Yes you can, although it sounds like “Lesson 7: Mini-Project: Your Personal Style,” Level 2: “Add Content and Structure to Your Page.”
You can post your text online, students can copy/paste it into that lesson, and do all the formatting and CSS based on the parameters that you set.

They already started 7. I wanted something separate, if that’s possible.

@sfredericks ,

Yes, you can do that. I do it regularly. You can go to any weblab level or just to this website where you can enter weblab directly. Then, you will enter the text you want to put on the page. Then, you can click on the “share” button to get a share link.

If you give that link to your students, either by putting it in your LMS or by pasting it into a shared Google Doc or Google Sheet, the students can click on it to access your project.

The trick is that they will get the rendered version of your website. To edit the code, they will need to click on “view code” at the bottom of the page. See the image below for what I’m referring to. It’s easy to miss because it’s a medium gray text over a gray background.

When they click on view code, they will be taken to the code and they can click on remix and this will give them their own version of the page to edit.

When they are done, they can click on “share” to get their own share link that they can send to you or submit through your LMS.

I hope this helps! It’s a very useful process and it works very well!