Web Lab: Using web page from Lesson 4 in Lesson 7

I would like my students to use the web page they created in Unit 2 Lesson 4 in Lesson 7. I don’t want to take the time for the students to come up with the HTML in Lesson 7 but to build their knowledge by adding the CSS to Lesson 4. How do I get the projects from Lesson 4 to display in Lesson 7?

Hi @kmcglaun!

Welcome to the forum! There are a few ways you may be able to do this. The easiest on this level may just be to copy the html text and then to paste it into an activity in lesson 7. If you have added multiple resources, such as images or style sheets … stuff that in lesson 4 is probably not too much, you would have to do the same with that (reupload images and copy and paste the text from the style sheet.

If your projects in lesson 4 are already a bit more advanced, you could also have the students click the “remix” button which would put the project into their projects that they can access from https://studio.code.org/projects or by clicking on projects at the top of the page when they login.

This doesn’t really put it into lesson 7, but does give them a way to access it from anywhere.

For that to work, though, you would need to make sure you had enabled sharing on the course settings page…

Does this help or am I missing something?



Hi Michael-
this helps a lot. Thank you.