Creating a test student

Good Morning (or whenever you’re reading this),
First year teaching APCSP and I’d like to create my own test student to get a feel for where submitted assignments go and such. Is there a way that I can do this?
Larry Smith

I am also first year teaching APCSP. What year levels are you teaching? We are introducing CSP at our school and I’m wondering what level to start with for my Year 11s?

The easiest way is probably to use a second email address or create a second username to log in with. Then you can participate in a course by typing in the course code like your students do. Alternatively, in the blue teacher panel you can toggle between teacher view and student view. This might help in some circumstances, but is not as good for looking at things like “where is the teacher feedback”. Apologies for the delay in response. I hope this helps!

Hi @yolandev , I think the course is accessible to any age of high school. Really, it is an introductory course so as long as they don’t all have deep period knowledge in the area you should be set going start to finish. I have students 9-12 all in the same class for this course!

Thank you for the response. Do you use anything else as part of your CSP course? or is that mainly the curriculum you follow year after year?

The curriculum definitely changes year to year, but mostly with tools that I develop because they feel beneficial to my classroom. I’ve shared a number of these throughout the form (though on the threads they are relevant in rather than a single ‘resources’ thread). I’d say that the first year it is helpful to follow what is there just to know what IS there. And as the years move on you will likely find that you want to add/change activities, discussion prompts, or projects.