Creating an Outfit Picker App

Good afternoon! I have a student that would like to create an app in app lab that the user can select different components of an outfit and see them together. I’m not sure where to begin. Any advice is much appreciated!


This sounds like a good time to teach the idea of decomposition. They would want to break the app down into smaller parts and see what they already know how to do and then build that part and when stuck, then start asking for help debugging.

It’s a little tricky giving advice on how to get started because I’m not fully sure what the intended functionality would be. In the CSD curriculum, unit 4 is a good one because it encourages them to make a paper prototype before coding and it shows them the basics of creating screens.

What you are describing is actually making the app which is a little beyond the scope of CSD, although a little of that is covered in unit 6.

There are more robust instructions for creating apps in the CSP curriculum and in the standalone “Event-Driven Programming in App Lab” course.

Perhaps starting with that would give your student a better grasp of how the apps are built and give them something to start from. I love it when students are motivated enough to want to do more on their own, so maybe if they look at that course, they will come up with something impressive!

I do know there is an outfit picker app in unit 1 (problem solving) that may also serve as some inspiration.

Good luck!