Creating apps for devices using micro:bit

Is there a way to simulate the code with out needing real micro : bit ,since I don’t have a class set of micro:bit to be used for my 27students.I only have 10 .any suggestions how can I work it out ?
thanks !

Hi @sanac2086,

I understand your struggle with too few devices for students! I have never had 1:1 circuit boards for Unit 6. Here are some ideas and perhaps others will also contribute their ideas:

  • Looks like you could have groups of 3 although you have probably thought of this and it isn’t ideal. Driver and navigator roles make sense but what would the 3rd person do? Perhaps they could research? Or they could be the group note taker that records what the group accomplished and the function of each new code block that is learned.

  • MakeCode does have a microbit simulator so you could split class into 3 groups on Microsoft MakeCode for micro:bit and 1 using and the actual boards (or some combination of this).

  • Depending on where your students are in regards to their knowledge of App Lab, you could split the class into stations again and perhaps one station is an introduction to App Lab using this lesson series. The other 2 stations could me MakeCode and the last station could be App Lab with the MicroBit.

Just throwing out some ideas. Hope this helps!


thank you so very much for a prompt response !

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