appLab and microbit

I found a CODE.ORG post on Facebook from September 9, 2019 that said working on integrating microbit board with appLab. Any progress on this?

If you love our physical computing lessons, you’ll love this: We’re working with The Micro:bit Educational Foundation to integrate micro:bit with our App Lab! That means you’ll be able to connect the physical world of lights, sensors and inputs to the virtual world of App Lab!

Hi @demetere!

I see the post on Facebook. I imagine all timelines have been shifted with the need to support teachers in different classroom modalities. I’ll do some research to see if there is an update.


Thanks! We are adding the appLab blocks for the circuit playgrounds to get the idea of IoT devices, I would like to be able to take advantage of the microbit’s display and Bluetooth features without having students learn another coding/block setup.


@demetere -

Sorry to send you one more place but the best answer at this time would come from as they are the folks more closely connected to the project.