HDI download code from app lab to microbit?

We are making Interactive Pets (lesson 6.14) with microbit faces. Some students would like their pet to work without being connected via USB. We have battery packs but cannot figure out how to download the program onto the microbit. MS Makecode is not 100% compatible as we’ve tried to copy/paste code there, then download. Any advice?

Hi @robyn.porter,

Sounds like a fun project for the kids. Unfortunately, if the programs were designed in App Lab, the microbits have to stay tethered. This is from the support doc here:

3. Does the micro:bit have to stay tethered to the computer?

Yes - unlike Microsoft MakeCode, the micro:bit needs to stay tethered to the computer the whole time. This is what allows it to engage with the App Lab coding environment and have it interact with apps.

Doesn’t help know but something to think about, I have purchased very long usb cables so the kids have more space and freedom to interact with the microbit.