Creating text in slides

My son is working on an independent study using Javascript in

It’s a series of slides with information and animation. So far he has only been able to create text by drawing it, and the result isn’t attractive. Is there a way to type in text, or upload a document with text?

Hi @sheila_lynch,

That’s awesome that he’s doing independent work on CS during this time! He can always declare a variable and set it to a string:

var greeting = “Welcome!”;

and then show the variable’s value. Alternatively, he could look at AppLab that’s used in Unit 4 to work with text. If we had more of an idea of what he’s trying to do, we could give some tips & pointers that are relevant to him.


–Michael K.

Do the App Lab lessons apply to Game Lab? He only did the unit 1 lessons because he couldn’t find anything past that.