Game Lab and Text Output

I mostly follow the CS Discoveries outline, but I also like to supplement with projects that I develop myself. One thing I would like to do is give students some programming problems that involve text output. For example, I would like to have them try to code a “Number Guessing Game” where the computer chooses a random number between X and Y and then the user makes guesses. After each guess, the user would get feedback in the form of “Too High” and “Too Low”. Seems like it should be doable, but I am running into some problems, (which probably stem from my lack of mastery).

For one thing- I struggle a little with text based output. The Game Lab is great for graphics and animation and bits of type, but when you want to just have text based output from your program, it seems the console.log command is the only option. Am I missing something there? Is there another good way to manage text output?

Thing Two- So far I have not managed the input and the looping part of a number guessing game kind of program. In Game Lab, I can’t get the program to ask the user for a number and then store that number in a variable and check it against the computer’s chosen random number. (Like the “Input” command in the old QBasic days- anybody with me there?)

If anyone has advice or if anyone reads this and says, “I could code that with my eyes closed”, then would you be willing to share? I could use some direction. I feel like I am very close, but just can’t quite get to the result that I want.

Thank you so much for taking time to read and if there is anyone out there who can help I would love it.

J Arvin

Hi @jarvin,
There is a very similar project in Computer Science Principles called “Guess the Secret Number” (Unit 5 Lesson 9 Bubble 6). In this one, the programmer chooses the secret number instead of the computer. It uses App Lab. Code that requires user input in the form of text usually works better in App Lab.