Cs discoveries unit 3 (Practical Exam

Is there a way I can create extra tasks for practical exams for my students for chapter 3 cs discoveries along with step-wise instructions? I want to assign them in a way that they can do all assigned tasks like they do curriculum lessons.

Hi @sidrah.kanwal.f11,

I am assuming you mean a custom coding tasks with the blocks? There is not a way to add a custom lesson or edit the instructions to an existing lesson. A workaround of sorts would be to assign your own instructions, in your lms such as Canvas or Google Classroom or a Google Doc, and have them complete the activity in the lesson assigned for mostly open projects such as the Interactive Card for GameLab. If the kids have already completed the lesson, you can create another section just for your exam coding task. I know it is a bit cumbersome but should work.

It is a good idea to create a space for teachers to create lessons. You can submit your idea to support@code.org. They review requests as they update the curriculum each year.

Hope these ideas help,