CS Fundamentals Grade 2 students various skillsets

Perhaps a newbie mistake. However, it appears in one of my classes some students completed lesson 4 (our starting point) while others are still on the 2nd puzzle. Any suggestions for extension activities while I get the others caught up. 3 out of 22 completed and 4 out of 22 barely completed puzzle 2.

If you turn on “Lesson Extras” for your class, students who finish the lesson can access these bonus levels:

It’s only two additional puzzles, but perhaps you could challenge them to find multiple solutions to each one with the goal of finding the most efficient solution for each.
Here’s a support article that talks more about lesson extras:

Another option would be to have students who have finished ahead of schedule try an Hour of Code tutorial to catch up:

The Minecraft tutorials are quite popular and accessible to 2nd graders who are just starting out.

I hope this helps!