CS Principles '23-'24 non-AP

I am only able to teach computer science principles as a non-AP elective course (two days a week). Can you suggest specific units for me to use with my high school students or suggest a pacing schedule that I can use to teach it as two elective levels?

Hi @efaieta,

You can go to “View Calendar” within each unit to see pacing recommendations for that unit, but I don’t see that you can skip lessons this way:

As far as what to teach, I think this highly depends on the learning goals of your elective course. Is it about societal impacts of computing? Then I’d recommend Unit 2: The Internet. Did you tell kids it would be a coding class? If so, then I’d begin at Unit 3: Intro to App Design and progress through from there.

I’m sure plenty of other folks on the forum have ideas, but ultimately it comes down to what you want your students to get out of the class. Check out the syllabus for a high-level overview of the units & see what speaks to you.

– Michael K.