CSA Unit 4 Lesson 5: De Morgan’s Laws

Is there a way to have students work on de morgan’s law without the workstations? We are having huge absenteeism because of the COVID/RSV/ FLU. Is there an online equivalent or some type of online worksheet to help with the understanding of the rules?

thank you

@fieldd - Dave thanks for posting. I sympathize with the number of students who have been out with illness then add on those out for sporting events (at least at my school) and the classes become really small.

Here are a couple if items I found. There are a lot of videos to help with clarification. Here is one that I found - Boolean Expressions and De Morgan's Laws - YouTube

I also find a sight that has some online practice - 5.5. DeMorgan’s Laws — AP CSA Java Review - Obsolete
It states that it’s obsolete but the exercises still work.
Here is a worksheet that may be useful for extra practice.
Boolean Algebra WS #1,2 (minich).pdf - Google Drive

I hope these help. Let me know if these were useful. Have a great Thanksgiving!