CSD 18-19 Updates

I have noticed today that for CSD course on my dashboard is listed as “Computer Science Discoveries '17-'18”. As I’ve dived into looking at the available courses I found the “Computer Science Discoveries '18-'19” course. As I looked into it, it doesn’t look like there is much of a difference. Will there be information about this later?

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Hi Phillip,

There are a few changes to the curriculum, and we’ll give a more detailed update on it when we broadly announce the new version. In Unit 1, a lesson has been switched out and there have been a few revisions. Units 2 and 3 have also seen some revisions to a few lessons, and we have added in more resources for students in the programming challenges. We’ve also added in extra challenges in Unit3. The revisions to Units 4-6 are still ongoing.


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Elizabeth and Phillip,

It’s also great that we have a constant revisions team working to update the curriculum(even if it’s small tweeks), instead of having outdated textbooks that you have to order a class set every three years - glad to have the curriculum team working on the design process just like we teach our students!


Thanks, Brad!

To be clear, we still will fix “bugs” such as typos and other problems to the current version of the course, but more substantive changes (such as switching out lessons or significant changes to the activities) will be rolled out in new versions to avoid changing the course under people’s feet.