CSD lesson 13.4 Have I got this correct?

I’m not sure if I have this correct or not. It’s not exactly like the example. My version has the bees spread out more. The example has the bees directly moving/hovering over the mouse position as it moves to other positions.

Looks good to me! :honeybee::smiley::honeybee:

the random numbers for the x and y coordinates for your bee should range from -50 to 50. You have 0 to 400.
See the code snapshot below:


Also, you have code that says bee1.visible = 100; I’m not sure what you are trying to accomplish there. The visible property should be either true or false. The code works, because any number greater than 0 would be true.
So bee1.visible = 0; is the same as bee1.visible = false;
Any other number would make visible true. It’s not setting a location.