Lesson 13 Activity 7


I have tried all the if/else combinations I can think of to get the bees to appear over the flower and disappear when not over the flower and I just can’t get it. Someone please help! I’ve been on this same activity for 4 hours. I need to be lead learner on this activity soon!


Never mind. I finally got it.


Hi tdavis. I’m struggling with this one too. Can you please share your solution?


It makes sense with the visible commands! I always remind my students that there’s more than one way to solve a problem. Thank you so much! :slight_smile:


It’s absolutely awesome to see people supporting one another on here, however, the forum is not locked down from students. Could you remove your solution so we can continue to encourage students to problem solve their solutions? Please feel free to share solutions such as this via direct message to other users. Goodness knows we need help sometimes too! :slight_smile: Thanks!


Done. Thank you for letting me know! I thought it was a teacher only place.