CSD Mouse Input Lesson16


In above program uploaded link multiple bees are creating with mouse movement. i want to rectify this i am not able to figure out how to do it.If any one done this pls post the program.


Sorry you are having problems with this level… if you want to click on “share” and send us the link to your project, we may be able to give you a pointer and help you get on the right path…

Mr. Wood

[CSD Mouse Input Lesson16]


@pratimachatty, That’s the link to the lesson itself. For us to be able to see your code, you need to look for the “share” button in the upper left hand corner of the screen and send us that link.



So, the draw loop will cause your code to execute repeatedly, but it doesn’t erase any sprites that are drawn, so the bee is drawn over and over again and you see all of the drawings when you move the mouse. In order for there to only be one bee, you need to cover up the previous instance of the bee each time through the loop. Can you think of a block that would do that?


Hello Mike, thanks for your replying to my queries I have used even sprite.visible code but I am unable to do it if you have the solution can u post it.


We don’t usually post solutions because students may have it as an assignment and use the forum to find answers. If you are a teacher, you should be able to see a solution in your teacher account. If not, I noticed you posted a question yesterday on a related issue. The solution is the same … make sure and put a background block into the draw loop so your background covers up the last bee drawn before drawing a new one.

Hope this helps!


Thanks Mike I am teacher I am learning & teaching coding . I have completed CSD course this is the issue left pending, no problem I will try my best.

Thanks so much.

Thanks .it is working now problem solved