CSD Lesson 14 - code help placing same score text on top of sprites in multiple scenes (worlds)

Hi. I am a teacher of CSD (smitht@masonohioschools.com) with a student needing help in his code.
(shared link: https://studio.code.org/projects/gamelab/8ip7pn0jNPKaV09bcWUrWbTo1pwTMjeeSDRBz-RmoZs)
He is creating a game with different scenes (worlds) which you get to by going off the grid or entering portals. The text to keep track of scores in lines 108-122 is constantly changing and working properly on the first screen but disappears when you move the character off the grid into a different world.
I think the problem is sprites are covering up the text but I don’t know how to help him solve his problem.
Will you please help us? My 7th grade student is eagerly awaiting help. Thank you!

Mrs. Smith,

Quite the ambitious game! You are correct in the sprites hiding the text, a simple fix (which I did on a remix) is to write the text AFTER the drawSprites command.

Other than that, I’m a little stumped on the scene changing - I’m sure there is a way to keep track of variables on a larger grid - but I wanted to keep this open in case somebody has done this before.

Hope the text tip helps, and I’ll keep thinking of a way for the grid levels to work (and someone might also chime in).