Help! Student needs help on Final Game project

Two things student needs help with:

  1. Student is trying to get text to disappear once they click on the track to start the game (hope that make ssence)
  2. The student is also trying to get text to appear that shows what place each horse gets…is this even possible in game lab?

I have attached the as what the student has at this point.


This looks like a fun game!

  1. There have been a number of discussions on the forum about ways of getting text to disappear. There are quite a few ways to make that happen. Here’s a link to a post that discusses a few of them. CSD Unit 3 Text Visibility

  2. You could get text to show up with the places, but it would require keeping track of variables. Here is some possible pseudocode.

Create a currentPlace variable and set it to 1
When the first horse reaches the correct spot on the screen,

  1. use a conditional to check the currentPlace and if it is 1, print “1st place” next to that horse. (If it is 2, print 2nd place, etc.)
  2. Add 1 to the currentPlace variable so it is ready for the next horse to cross.

Hope this helps. If they start working on either of these and run into problems, check back in and we can try to help!