CSD Unit 1 Vocabulary


Unit vocabulary for 6th grade. 12,13 and 14 are curriculum vocabulary

  1. Adjust – make changes to
  2. Eventually-sooner or later
  3. Challenging – Takes some effort
  4. Strategy-a plan that you thought out
  5. Constraints-things that hold you back like rules
  6. Brainstorm-get ideas from everyone in youe group
  7. Defining the problem-stating what you are trying to do
  8. Processes-a series of actions
  9. Arrangement-the order people are seated
  10. Assessing-thinking about
  11. Criteria-positives or negatives
  12. Input - A device or component that allows information to be given to a computer
  13. Output - Any device or component that receives information from a computer
  14. Algorithm- steps or instructions the computer follows to turn input into output.
  15. Approach-your way of doing it
  16. Various-different kinds


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