CSD Unit 3 Lesson 13 - Mini-project Captioned Scenes

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What I expect to happen: Students inside window should be cadet blue (line 66)
What actually happens: When she places the cat (line 70) the blue background window and window side goes away
What I’ve tried: re-arranging


Each time you use the drawsprites() block, it will draw all of the sprites, so this draws the walls again over the window when you probably just want to draw the cat.

There is an undocumented code you can use. drawSprite(cat)

That will draw just the cat. Give it a shot!


For some odd reason when I try that it places the cat in the top left corner…

So you only replaced the one drawSprites with a drawSprite(cat)?

When i did that, it worked and didnt move the cat at all.


This is what happens when I did it.


Ok … I know why! Easy fix. Line 73 … it should be drawSprite(cat); – not drawSprites(cat).

It’s an undocumented block that only draws one sprite, so that’s why it’s sprite (singular) instead of Sprites (plural).

Good luck!


YES! That did it - thank you!