CSD, Unit 3, Stage 6, puzzle 7

My student has done the puzzle and neither of us is able to get the black clicker to show as a complete triangle, without a white square around it. Right now, it’s behind the wheel. I don’t see an error in the code, and I looked at the teacher exemplar. Any advice?

Hi Susan,
I believe that when drawSprites(); is called, each sprite is added to the canvas in the order that they were declared. If swap lines 1-2 with 3-4, it should draw the sprites in the correct order. Hope that helps!
Mike Harvey

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Thank you, Mike! Will try that.

Well, we tried that. In fact, we had already done it last week looking at the version history. The problem then is that the “clicker” sprite is a black triangle on a white square, and the white square remains on top with the triangle. I’m guessing that’s an animation issue, as we did not build the “clicker.”

Hi @susan.honsinger

Could you share your project where this is happening? In the top teal bar click the share button and then copy the link here.


Thanks for the help, folks - here’s the code itself: https://studio.code.org/projects/gamelab/OYOUWX2M_8k1b9IYtu1l7m_iaszYo5XewC7YjJ7SY8I

This has been interesting. I remixed your project and found the same results even when I copy/pasted my own working code into your project. This led me to check the ‘clicker’ animation itself. In the normal version and in my own, the black triangle has a transparent background. In your project, the background is solid white. Possibly the student edited this animation without meaning to. I was able to fix it by selecting the paint can tool and using it to change the white back to transparent. After this, everything seemed to work fine. So, no bug after all!

That’s super-helpful!! Look forward to showing this result to student tomorrow.

Thanks, everyone.