CSD Unit 3 Lesson 22 - Dice Game Help

I have a student that wants to create a dice game where if a certain frame shows up (number on a dice), another sprite will move that many spaces.
We can get the dice to roll and stop on random frames, but can not figure out a “if certain frame is visible…”
Can anyone help with this?
Remix of student dice game


I’m not sure if you can directly get the frame that is visible, but you can store the randomNumber that you are using to set the frame.
Create a variable to store the the randomNumber you are using in line 27. Store the random number and then use the variable to set the frame.
Let us know how that goes or how y’all solve the problem.

The next fun challenge is to get the sprite to move to the right place.

Thank you!.. Here is the final game. Dice Game
He was able to get the sprite to move to the correct place, but in the meantime, lost the ability to have the frame show also. At this point, he is planning to just leave it unfinished. If you can see a ‘quick’ fix, that would be great! Otherwise, he is still happy with what he was able to accomplish.