CSD Unit 3 Lesson 8: Sprite Properties - Virtual WarmUp or Formative Assessment Idea

We are STILL primarily in the virtual learning environment. I have been doing a Who Am I activity on a regular basis throughout the year. Student share info about themselves via a google form and I add the info to slides and share with the class. The slides show 6 “clues” about the students then reveal the students name.

I started thinking about the how students are like “objects” and the info about them is kinda like their “properties”…

Students also always respond to a question in the chat to indicate their are ready to move on to the next part of the lesson. So after sharing the Who Am I slides, I said "After you get logged in to today’s code.org lesson, share one thing about yourself in the chat. BUT use DOT NOTATION to do it.

This served as a formative assessment and allowed me to reinforce dot notation for students who had not mastered the idea.

So for example:
Lisa: I am 12 years old (non mastery)
Teacher: lisa. setAge(12)

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Fun idea! I like it.