Assessment for Lesson

I’m sitting over here enjoying my students’ work and thought I’d share. After a few lessons, we’re ready for a summative project - I have them make a copy of this presentation and do their work on the first slide. (edit it to suit your purposes) Maybe it could be of use to you!

Shapes and Randomization Summative Assessment


Love this project. One question. How do they make the shapes other than the rectangle and circle? Is that something you show them on your own?

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I didn’t show them in a large group, but a few students asked how to make other shapes! Here’s the documentation for shape(). They also like to use line().

Shape’s mentioned in the Lesson 6 planning worksheet - but I notice it’s not in the Lesson 6 drawing drawer. They’d have to type in the command in text mode. I just checked and it looks like it starts appearing in Lesson 11.


Great use of documentation! And yes, GameLab is scaffolded so that students don’t have access to blocks they haven’t learned yet - but you can always use the text based coding to type whatever you’d like. You can also access open GameLabs by going to (and directing students to) the dashboard and then scrolling down where the heading “Projects” comes up, click on the “View Full List” if GameLab isn’t showing and then you have access to all the blocks that GameLab has to offer.

For my curious students, I show them the “See Examples” pop up when you mouse over a block in GameLab so they can see documentation but also see ways in which that block is used that might change their view and give them more ideas.

Nice work!

This is wonderful. I really like how you used the student practices(sometimes I feel like they get forgotten about in favor of the coding or the activity at hand) and I also like how you gave students a choice on which ones to write about.

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This is my first time to teach this class and I’m fairly desperate for assessments. This looks like a great one, does anyone have others to share?

Mrs. Stump,

Be sure to check out all of the subsections of the forum focused on each Lesson, they might have a bunch of resources for you to use! (Currently you are in the Unit 3 Lesson 4 - Shapes and Randomness section).