CSD Unit 4 App Design

Has anyone adjusted unit 4 for distance learning? This unit is by far my least favorite unit. Now that we are doing distance learning due to Covid, this already less engaging unit has become very tough to teach.

I understand the purpose behind the prototypes and user centered design lessons. However, kids start losing interest pretty quickly. Additionally, almost every lesson is unplugged, so now we have to figure out how to turn the lesson into a digital collaborative lesson.

Hi @jason.ross!
Welcome to the community! You pose a great question here. I wish I had a great answer. I know that the curriculum team worked very hard to put together virtual learning and social distancing options for Units 1-3, but this hasn’t been completed (maybe not even tackled yet) for Unit 4 since most people won’t approach it in their curriculum until 2nd semester. I’m hoping we get some great ideas from our community here!