CSD: Unit 4 or Unit 5 then on to Unit 6

I just received my Circuit Playground kit. I am afraid I won’t have time to do all the Units. I am leaning towards skipping 4 rather than 5 then moving on to 6. Looking through this forum, I see more have skipped 5. Is this because they went through 4 and then realized they wouldn’t get through 5 and 6 before the end of their course?

I taught 4 last year and my students loved it. I didn’t have time for both 5 & 6 so I decided to skip 5.
My plan is the same this year. I think Unit 4 is important because it exposes the students to APPLab which they use in 6. Also, Unit 4 introduces the student to user centered design, creating a project for someone else (client) and empathizing with others’ needs.



Completely agree with Karen. Unit 4 is foundational to having students start to think about others as they design, adding a level of empathy and hopefully making more thoughtful students.