Ok to go from Unit 4 to Unit 6 and then back to 5?


I am considering completing unit 4 and then jumping to unit 6. I would then go back and cover unit 5. I taught this course last year, but did not do the second chapter of unit 5 as I didn’t have time and students were begging to get back to code studio. Has anyone taught the course 4, 6, 5? Thoughts?



I taught 4 > 5 > 6 but took an abbreviated approach to Unit 5. I felt that Unit 5 had something to offer in organizing and storing data which can be challenging for students when they use Arrays in Unit 6 to call the LEDs on circuit Playground. I focused on Binary, ASCII and organizating data, it you could also weave those lessons into Unit 6 as the students are about to complete the lesson that would need the prior knowledge.

Hope that helps!