CSP End of Course Survey?

Is there a code.org end of course survey for CSP? Lesson 19 makes me think that there is a survey but unless the student is 18, they can’t participate. Is that accurate?

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Hi @cheney,

From what I see, that looks to be the case. There are little surveys here and there in Unit 5 checking how students like CS, but I don’t see anything “end of course”-ish.


I have news!

We’re waiting to launch the post-course survey until after the AP exam has happened.

Keep an eye on your inbox! We’ll be emailing all CSP teachers with an update that the survey is live.

But - spoiler alert - the survey link will also appear in every unit on the monday (or tuesday) after the AP exam.


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Thanks, good to know! :grinning:

Where are the results? Am I jumping the gun? Thanks

They should be visible once your students submit. My students haven’t taken the survey so I can’t verify this, but try this…

  1. Go to your teacher dashboard (home page when you log in)
  2. Click on the section/period you want to view
  3. Click the “Assessments/Surveys” tab
  4. From the “View assessments in” dropdown, select “Student Post-Course Survey”

Let us know if that doesn’t work and we’ll find out how to get it working.


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