Survey:Taking the AP Exam


Is there a way that teachers can see a summary of the results of the survey? It would be interesting to see how my students responded in summary. I am not expecting to see individual information.


Is the survey in the CSP Unit 3?
Because my students havent taken the survey yet?
Thanks Francie


@fallone – yes if you have 5+ students take the survey, you can view the anonymous responses in the Assessments/Surveys tab when you’re looking at a specific section, and then you’ll make sure that Unit 3 is selected in the dropdown below like this:

@francene.beaman This survey is located at the end of Unit 3, but we’re asking folks to administer the survey in the next couple of weeks regardless of where you are in the course. You can share the URL directly with them without assigning Unit 3 to the class if you’re in Unit 2: – the survey doesn’t need to be locked/unlocked like typical assessments



Sarah, I tried what you suggested, but I just get exactly what your screenshot shows - no survey results. I have two classes of over 12 students each that took the survey, but no results appear on the Assessments/Surveys tab. In fact, I don’t see anything on that tab for any of the Units that we have completed (we are in Unit 4 right now).

Am I missing something? Here’s my screen:



It is. It’s at the bottom of the page here:

If you’re not seeing it, take a close look at the URL - if it says That’s the old version of the course - which you’re free to use, but doesn’t have the survey.


I can’t find it either. I see my end of unit test data but not any survey data.


Hi all, apologies for the issue –

There is indeed a bug on our end where survey data is not populating in that tab, but it is still available behind the scenes (i.e. it’s not lost and your students won’t need to retake the survey). Due to the Hour of Code this week our engineers are prevented from doing any site updates to keep the site stable, but we will fix this next week and the results will be populated for your sections.

Again, we’re sorry for the issue, but thank you for escalating the issue to us and for having your students take the survey – we really appreciate it!