CSP I as prereq to APCSP

Does it make sense for a student to take CSP I and then APCSP?

Hi Rodney,

AP CSP was designed by college board as an intro course. The Code.org curriculum is also designed with the assumption that students have no prior experience. I personally believe that CSP I fallowed by AP CSP would feel redundant for the students - and perhaps loose engagement of some who feel like they’re not being challenged the second time around. Sure, you could look in to some concepts more deeply… but then its not actually the AP framework that CB has designed.

If you felt like you wanted to have two courses you could consider CSD (Code.org’s CS Discoveries) prior to AP CSP. CSD was written as a course that could be taught in the 6th-9th grad range, so you’d have to decide if the content fit your students. Some of it will go over similar concepts to CSP, but the content is taught from a different angle so hopefully it won’t have the same redundancy.

Good luck!