CSP Unit 4 Lesson 8 Bubble 2

A student is having trouble with the conditional statement for the “FREEFRIDAY” discount code. Her code looks correct, but I will not change the price to $0. Anyone else have this problem?

Please share the link to the code, so we can look at it.

Hi @Twilwert,

We’d love to help you out! If this is a level in Code Studio, please let us know which one so we can look more closely. If it’s a student project, please provide the following info so we can take a deeper dive:

Link to the project or level: [replace with link to the curriculum or get the “Share” link to a project]
What I expect to happen: [replace with a detailed description of the behavior you’re trying to create]
What actually happens: [replace with a detailed description of what actually happens when the code runs including any errors or unexpected behavior]
What I’ve tried: [replace with a detailed description of what you’ve already tried to do to solve the problem]

Thank you!

–Michael K.

I had the same issue.

We had an error on the code to get the text for discount code. We had “discountcode” instead of “discountinput” in the getText.