Curriculum Mapping for Block Schedule

Hello, am 1st time AP CSP teacher. Wondering how many lessons can be comfortable taught in each block (95 minute)

Hey @nsuresh sorry this fell through the cracks. While I’m sure there’s a variety of responses teachers would give based on their situations, our lessons are designed for roughly a 50 minute class period unless noted otherwise. I’d estimate you should aim to get through roughly 2 lessons a period though as we note in the Curriculum Guide on page 43, we know our estimates can sometimes be a little aggressive.

Hopefully that helps a little!

Hi @nsuresh,

Another teacher recently posted his schedule. His school started beginning of September and he’s on an A/B block schedule (with all periods on Monday). Not sure if it’s the same as your situation, but hopefully it’s helpful…

Here’s another, posted by someone else in the forum: Pacing guide 2017-2018


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Thank you very much. I am having a problem with I am using google classroom with I have a student registered with my google classroom but not showing up in I have 32 studnets and was able to sync all 31 but this one student is not showing up on

He completed all assignments till lesson 9 and I just realized that his score is not recording in code studio.

Please advice.



Try emailing and include those details.

@nsuresh did this student enter your classroom “late”. If the student joined classroom AFTER you made your section through classroom, you need to refresh your roster - I needed to do that in my class.

Here are the directions from

Q&A: How do I re-sync my list of students?

If your Google Classroom or Clever roster gets updated, you can sync your list of students in by going to your section, clicking on the “Manage students” tab, and hitting the button to “Sync students from Google Classroom” or “Sync students from Clever.”

I am not seeing a sync button on manage students page

Hi @jlambson,

You may want to start a new thread and explain your issue from the top, as it seems the particular issue you’re replying to is not the same topic as the original thread (so it makes it more difficult to know what you’re referring to). On top of that, the most recent activity before you was 2 years ago, so I’m not sure if what sounds like a technical issue on your end might be related to changes made to the website in the last 2 years.