Da Twinky Code AscII code object lesson

Made this object lesson it worked great!

Stickboy is working undercover to find the location of the evil Dr. Hackencode. His last known location was “anywhere” in China. But your fellow operatives working at “Wu’s China Home” restaurant have finally uncovered the city he is working out of. The can’t tell you directly without blowing your cover so you take your underworld “friends” to “Wu’s”. You have no idea how they are going to relay the name of the city, but instead of fortune cookies you receive the above desert. The waiter ask you to please be sure these are eaten. What city is Dr. Hakencode working out of?


Love this! About how long did it take your students to figure it out?

Well I’ve got some pretty clever students. The first two in 10 minutes. Then about 10 minutes later the rest of the class got it. I gave a clue at the 10 minute mark that I was using abstractions, protocols and standards that they already knew.

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Thanks for sharing. I needed a clever lesson to fill a day where all my seniors were out on retreat. I made a derivative of yours and used it to review a bunch of the concepts and the students loved it. Similar to you my clever ones got it in about 10 mins or so. The majority were about 20-25 mins and then as we all have a few took most the class and some hints to get there. But all got to see how they put their number systems, protocols, and standards together. Thanks again.

I feel pretty silly right now, but I am not sure what the answer should be for this activity. My students are struggling and I don’t know how to help them. I was hoping they could walk me through it! lol

The top is binary to decimal. That orders your packets. The bottom is binary to ASCII. That the letters in the name.

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I am still trying to decipher your binary twinkie. He brown chocolate chips are bits that are turned on correct or is it vice versa? So should I be reading the top line of every bit as an decimal and the bottom line of every twinkie as ASCII (letters)?

@rbowman - I sent you a message with the solution. Let me know if you have more questions.

I am able to follow it. It such a clever way to teach the binary.
Thank you for posting that and getting back to me.